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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from burlesque spain's government in crisis prime minister pedro sencha is expected to call for snap elections after failing to get parliamentary approval for his first budget we'll get analysis from the drones. coming out the nato secretary general says he'll hold talks with russia this week over the future of the missile treaty defense ministers from the alliance are meeting to discuss what they're calling violation. and clearing out the berlin international film festival today elisa and a marcello it's based on the true story of two women who married and spain in
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nineteen zero one that will certainly controversial back then but our correspondent will tell you why the film is raising eyebrows now. i'm simply so much god it's good to have you with us spain central left government faces and uncertain future after parliament rejected its spending plan a move that could result in a snap election prime minister pedro sanchez needed the support of two catalan pro independence parties to get his budget passed but they both voted against a budget that is because sanchez refused to engage in talks about self-determination for catalonia something spain's constitution doesn't allow. let's bring in a journalist mayville ask us he's following the story in madrid just outside of parliament there hi hi may the spanish parliament as we said rejecting sanchez's
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budget what's been happening there right now. well as you can she is very quiet at the moment members of parliament has just gone out an hour ago very important vote took place here votes to probably putting an end to. the presence of government and and use terms. that was just started by a former prime minister to my general how a lot of things happened india's. year and now we are headed now probably for another snap election and more are centered. regarding the political stability in a saying to have me walk us through this what are the next steps that what are the options left for paper sanchez the prime minister well. already said that each budget was not and was not asked he will be
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force to put an end to he's but we still need to see exactly what he's going to do he has a couple of days. to decide whether or not he can extend the last year budget or he's going to call for the snap election he has said that he's. refusing donation is to go for new elections and now is a matter of time is a matter of when the selection election is going to take place that steal anything and to happen until the election is told all right jaime so we are looking at a period of prolonged uncertainty as you said what does all of this mean for the catalan independence movement. well it's definitely bad news for their council and for the council and. aziz. said before the outcome of a fresh election at the moment is very uncertain but there are signs of my ween the
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election but he. gets a submission majority in parliament and the military and its coalition of the far. right wing parties will take over in spain and that will mean the end of any dialogue with the guts on parties and even for their people for their council and leaders are on trial at the moment if they are convicted. situation would be very bad for them in the case of. a conviction because it was their right wing parties are not willing to give any benefit and benefits and eventually benefits to the. right time even ask mr english speaking to us from madrid thank you very much. let's catch up now on some other stories making headlines around the world the head of the philippines a new site critical of president. has been arrested maria ressa says the accusation
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of cyber libel is the latest attempt by the government to silence rappler a social news network the veteran journalist was among several people named person of the year by time magazine for her political reporting last year. thailand's election commission is seeking to dissolve the party that nominated princess ton the king's older sister for prime minister the princess herself was already disqualified on monday the king objected to her entering politics she had aligned herself with the opposition to a thailand's military backed government. belgium's airports are at a standstill due to a national strike to demand higher pay very few flights are landing in the country or taking off airport bosses say they cannot guarantee safety with a skeletal staff the strike has also paralyzed belgium's railways and ports. and australia is set to reopen
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a controversial offshore migrant detention center on christmas island sorry these are images of belgium here that we're looking at but australia's government says it is expecting a new wave of asylum seekers and this reopening that detention center. now german authorities have arrested two suspected ex members of syria's secret police they are accused of crimes against humanity of the alleged torture has taken place at a prison in damascus let's bring in our political correspondent max a million a kosher coup has been following this story for us max what can you tell us about these arrests. well the two accused are strongly suspected to have committed crimes against humanity they have been. taken into prison they've been arrested yesterday in germany and they german authorities have said or are saying currently
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that these two men are accused of having been members of the syrian secret service between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve one of them has been running a prison in near damascus where torture has been taken place and the other man is accused of having been working on a road post while all of arrests have been taking place that have then been for the two the prison ok so those those are the accusations have there been any reactions are from the government or forth from lawmakers here in berlin. so the german government spokespeople have so far declined any comment they have referred all authority to the chief federal prosecutor who is taking care of thousand matter what is interesting to note is that both german and french authorities have been working on that case have been combine in their efforts to arrest these two suspects here in germany and another suspect in france yesterday what is also interesting is to note that there has been a lot of criticism over the united nations security council not taking of action to
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prosecute the crimes by the assad regime for those crimes against humanity that are currently being investigated in germany and it will be interesting to note if the german government who's positive the security council of the united nations and will be heading it's starting in april will raise that matter with this investigation currently taking place in this country correspondent maximillian a kosik covering the story for us thank you so much. you're watching news still to come in this half hour. we'll be going to the berlin international film festival taking a look at the latest film starring at the festival there are correspondents maya schwager and scott walker are on the ground and they'll be bringing us up to date. but first nato defense ministers are meeting in brussels to look at steps needed to protect europe if the u.s. russian nuclear disarmament treaty sales nato secretary general again stoltenberg
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urged russia to return to complying with the ins treaty but said the body was also making plans for a world without the deal which bans the development and possession of intermediate range nuclear missiles the i and that is under threat after washington announced its withdrawal from the agreement earlier this month accusing russia of violating the treaty. and let's bring in our correspondents covering the story for us the teri schultz is with nato in brussels and aaron tilton is in moscow for us if you can both hear me terry we can start with few what steps could nato take if the ins treaty does lapse as many expect to what options will be discussed there well of course nato is not a party to this treaty between the u.s. and russia but most of alliance territory would be the battleground if any conflict breaks out between the two sides so the alliance is very much invested in its first choice saying that the i.m.f. is preserved but as you mentioned that looks less and less likely so many allies
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are now looking forward and saying some kind of arms control agreement needs to be created in a world without the i.m.f. today the focus will be on listening to acting defense secretary patrick shanahan coming here from washington to see what exactly are the u.s. has plans as it waits for the end of the six month period that it's given russia to come into compliance just exactly what is washington thinking of doing next and we really haven't heard much because the u.s. says it has remained in compliance and has not moved ahead so all eyes on washington today are aaron let's come to you in moscow at the same time the talks with russia continue nato secretary general again stoltenberg has been speaking let's listen to what he said all remain focused now is to preserve the treaty there is a window or two to two for russia to come back into compliance because the withdrawal process will not be finished until august so there is a six month window for russia to come back into compliance on the continue to urge
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russia to come back into compliance with the treaty ok aaron we heard young stoltenberg there say there is a window of opportunity he's going to be meeting with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov at the munich security conference so what are the chances that they could still revive this treaty. well from the russian perspective nieto probably isn't the right negotiating partner you have to remember moscow sees this as a bilateral issue between the united states and russia basically they say the united states is attempting to expand its power on the world stage and they really need to engage in bilateral talks and they want to try to save the i.m.f. but we've also been speaking to military experts here in moscow and many of them are quite skeptical but the eye enough in general they're saying it doesn't take into account chinese military power you have to remember moscow is very concerned about the expansion of chinese military power on the international stage and they see if there's any real hope of achieving meaningful arms control in the world
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stage it's going to have to be between beijing moscow and the united states working together that would be an entirely new treaty so terry coming back to you if this existing eye enough isn't saved is there any indication how the u.s. would respond to russian i n f violations in the future not yet the u.s. says it's of bided by the treaty so it hasn't fully explored its options and what europeans have been most interested in hearing so far is what the u.s. won't to do and that's something that was emphasized in my interview with u.s. ambassador to nato key bailey hutchison we don't intend to put something new in europe and most certainly we're not even even considering nuclear so i think we will bring our allies along with us tell them what we're looking at so that they will know what to expect but they have this a defense for them as well as for us and it is a defense that is necessary for us to see the risks and assure that we
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can. protect and deter against the risks of russia's missiles so as you heard from ambassador hutchison the game right now is to reassure nato allies of what the u.s. won't do you will be hearing from acting defense secretary shanahan about what they might do next here at this meeting all right teri schultz in brussels and erin tilton in moscow thank you both. healthcare workers in nigeria have gone on strike just days before the general election it's highlighted the anger by many nigerians at the government's management of the public sector and the economy the strike puts additional pressure on president mohammed who bihari who is expected to face a neck and neck race with the main opposition candidate our correspondent chris reports from yola in northeastern nigeria. sophia philip mudd and her colleagues at the federal hospital in yola may look happy but deep down that
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angry in april and may last year they went on strike to demand higher pay but instead of a raise the government refused to pay them for the two months they didn't work nobody believes we need to adjust just because we want the good shots places throughout the country federal health workers are on a three day warning strike that will end on wednesday. the health workers demand for their remaining salaries to be paid but the federal government insists that they didn't walk for these two months and this is why they will not be paid. union representatives accused the government of not focusing enough on the health care sector it doesn't get what i want and work us tell it was i but it got noticed which is that we were going to say i'm going to be good this is not good we do the same thing but i was that is the bit that i just as well as ports what is it i was one of the members and as i know that dozen of them our. labor unions are
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threatening further strikes if the government doesn't pay them despite the hardship sophia philip mudd says she's prepared to keep on fighting. german interior minister hostin wants to change the law to tighten restrictions on foreign telecom providers here in germany under the proposed changes companies would need to obtain security certification in germany and sign a no spy agreement the reason or berlin is considering whether to let china while way be part of building up germany's five g. network of the telecoms equipment maker is accused of having close ties to the chinese government and military. connecting the world at high speed it's all in five g. and chinese companies are dominating the market for the latest telecom technologies two of them c.t.e. and competitor who are way banned in the u.s. but still hopeful to get into the e.u. market. which is an idea the release of our five g.
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products is just waiting for telecom carriers to announce their commercial network and verification standards for their terminals with you that have neither of which will. but it's become difficult for hallway to sell goods these days the company's close relationship to the chinese government and military has brought up accusations of spying china strongly denies these accusations. was untrue and she's in the truth and neither the united states nor any of its allies have brought up any solid evidence that can prove poses a threat to their national security their reasons nothing more than the issue of china's national intelligence long. indeed there is no proof but governments have become cautious germany is discussing tightening telecommunication laws and making what way sign the nose by agreement poland is on the fence and
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under direct pressure from the u.s. to ban huawei to. we've also made clear that they make a certain set of decisions that it will be more difficult for the united states for the principle work alongside of. the same threat in hungary and slovakia it could block well wave from important markets and make it difficult to e.u. countries to bring the networks up to speed. now to our coverage of the berlin international film festival our correspondents my actuator and scott roxboro have the very tough job of watching a lot of movies for us hi guys what's going on the red carpet there. well just behind us she may have one up she's still there agnes varda the legendary french filmmaker who has her new documentary premiering starting in just a few minutes she is over ninety years old and she is tiny and charming and sharp as a tack and still very spry and we should all be so lucky when we're that age the movie
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that is premiering is sort of a mishmash of a documentary and an autobiography and a ted talk kind of her approach to her filmmaking and her themes and why she went about doing things the way she did them that said if you're not familiar with her work maybe don't take an ambien before you see this movie it was a little bit of a struggle you know of r.t. is a bit of an acquired taste but she's been doing this kind of filmmaking for decades and she can almost be considered probably the first real feminist filmmaker a true pioneer as i say a bit of an acquired taste but you know like good french wine if you get into it it just keeps getting better with age. that sounds good guys i want to ask you about one of the big films that's causing controversy today and. tell us about this one. yeah ok this is a film it's a spanish film. made that she's been here several times with various films in competition the reason why this was controversial is not because of her it's not
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necessarily because of the subject matter it's about the first female lesbian couple that married in spain in one thousand nine hundred in the one thousand nine hundred that's not the controversy the controversy is because of who gave the money to make it and that is netflix so first time netflix film screens in competition in berlin. the same controversy erupted last year when roma roma which is actually also a black and white spanish language film screened in venice caused a huge controversy similar thing here german theater owners european theater owners are up in arms saying netflix films shouldn't be here because they're taking jobs away from them they're taking business away from them but if one sees the film itself i'm not sure if many theaters would want it i mean what do you think it's it's all right i'm not going to speak for the community it's great to see an l.p.g. story pop on the screen like that that needs to happen more but i feel like the l.c.d. community deserves
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a little bit better than this film it was slow it was pretentious there was really unnecessary gratuitous exploitative sex scenes in the middle that didn't need to be the way they were it was a little bit of a struggle from you know i mean i mean this film because it's a netflix film because it's black and white and in spanish it's being compared to roma now roma is probably going to bunch of oscars in a couple couple of weeks it's a phenomenal movie real classic of set of i can see why theater owners were annoyed that it didn't go to them and netflix did it but i don't think anybody's going to worry that they didn't get this through this movie and i don't think this is the hill to die on if you're if you're. probably glad that netflix scooped up all right so you guys were not big fans of that one and the chinese stole my understand one card to say there's a chinese film called one second time this has been pulled from the competition it had its. there now it's out of the running what happened there. ok this was one of the most highly anticipated films of the festival it's by. one of the greatest film
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directors out of china he did he did hero rate that raised a red lantern. first chinese filmmaker to win a gold in their first right moment to win the golden bear and he the film was highly anticipated because it's about the cultural revolution and you never see a film out of china about the cultural revolution because those films are censored now you move huge filmmaker people really excited and they were amazed while he was able to get this film made and it's going to bring it here and show it to build the billion dollar earlier this week however that was stopped some of the film is coming official reason out of china and is being backed up by the bell and is that there was a technical problem postponed post production but speaking to my colleagues and contacts in the industry in china and here. there's telling me no that's not the case at all it was censorship junkanoo was blocked at the final stage by the chinese censors who do not want the film to come out maybe not at all but definitely not in the form here originally intended just briefly guys tell us about china why he is significant to this festival well just mentioned he was the first
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chinese filmmaker to win the golden bear here with a read so of them and he is here a few times he's been here many times here with euro as a flying daggers he always comes back but he sort of represents the best in chinese cinema really and also how chinese that has been celebrated here at the billion dollars so it's a huge loss to not have him here and a bit worrying really trying to let her back status who perhaps have been insensitive block but the beijing government all right scott roxboro on the red carpet for us thank you very much. it's force now and in football the champions league round of sixteen is underway there were two matches last night of the feature was premier league side manchester united host and francis parson p.s.g. was without superstars neymar and edinson cavani but they still class their hosts after a scoreless first half p.s.g. took the lead in the fifty third minute and just seven minutes later football
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sensation killing them they made a two mill to have to mention of united's woes star paul pulled out what was a sent off in the final minutes of the game and he will miss the return like in paris next month. well there are three german clubs left in the champions league and every one of them will face a team from england starting tonight when the dortmund face tough know next week by media will play liverpool and shock a take on manchester city so with the bundesliga heading into a direct competition with the premier league we're taking a look at the differences and similarities between two of european football's powerhouses. deal fishel trailer of the english premier league sos itself as a global spectacle it is after all the richest football league in the world and for that reason also the most glamorous. of the ten clubs in the world with the highest revenue six are from england. the bundesliga stroller
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is somewhat more modest its strategy aims to play on emotions. on the pitch the bundesliga can still go toe to toe with the premier league when it comes to marketing strategies and t.v. revenues however there is a gulf between the two divisions for the schools of course the big money is going to stand in england and there's nothing we can do about that at the moment. being in the nets and we often forget that in the domestic markets english clubs earn less revenue than german clubs the big difference is in the international broadcast rights and of course they have a certain advantage there in terms of the language used to spot. english is spoken around the world which boosts the international popularity of english clubs and the value of the worldwide television rights in that area the premier league or ins four times as much as the bundesliga the total revenue of the premier league at the moment is two point three billion euros
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a season for the bundesliga it's just one point one billion. this massive money is pretty helpful when it comes to attracting playing and coaching talent here going club and pep guardiola aren't the only imports from germany seven of the ten most expensive bundesliga transfers went to premier league clubs. investors to are lining up to get a piece of the premier league by. english football has become a playground for the world's super rich. and you just want to. i don't want an english system where the ticket prices are driven so high by investors. search of. so high that an entire section of society can't afford to go to the games anymore because they're just not up it is a trip to the stadium in england is expensive youngsters are hard to find here the
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cheapest ticket to watch tottenham hosting dortmund is around thirty four euros a ticket for the return leg and germany on the other hand can be had for about half that. in the upcoming champions league clashes between premier league and bundesliga sides we'll find out who's worth the money. coming up on the news asia the girl whose pain was felt around the world and stepped up the movement to end the vietnam war kim folk fun team has just received a peace prize here in germany. and in the philippines we look at why domestic workers struggle in the face of abuse and harassment while on the top. you will have those stories coming up on news asia don't forget you can always had to our website get every dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock you can also get the latest updates on us on twitter our handle their attitude that you can use thanks for watching.
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with me and stephanie stone. thirty and chat with musicians from around the world. groups every week double. this. coming up on the program the fit if you know made unsafe in their own country a special report on the abuse of domestic. assault as a teenager one story of many plus. one is why so many relatives of missing. from the chinese government. and the napalm dog who grew up to be a peace activist.


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